Monday, July 25, 2011

An Interview with Elizabeth Landau, Legal Intern at Human Rights USA

Elizabeth Landau is a rising third year law student at the University of Kansas School of Law, who plans on pursuing a legal career that focuses on the interconnection of human rights law and international trade.

What attracted you to Human Rights USA, and why did you want to intern with the organization this summer?
I've worked with human trafficking victims from a social services perspective in the past, and was really interested in learning more about the legal components of that issue. I knew that if I interned with Human Rights USA I would gain insight into the legalities of trafficking, and also liked the organization's interest in promoting corporate accountability.

What have you learned from interning with Human Rights USA?
A lot of my previous internships have revolved solely around criminal law or civil remedies for individuals during post-conviction. Human Rights USA is different, and it's been great to focus on civil law instead for the summer. I've gained a lot of knowledge into the specificities of civil law during my time here, and have also strengthened my research skills tremendously.

How has Human Rights USA benefited from your help, and what have you done to make a difference during your time here?
I'm a very detail-oriented person and have always enjoyed the research process. I think that I've been able to bring my own skills in these areas to my internship, and have been able to make an important difference in our cases this way. I'm so glad that I've been able to refine my research skills through this internship, and am sincerely going to miss my time here once I leave at the end of the summer.

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