Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nigerian Woman Fleeing Forced Marriage Granted Asylum

I-E-, a young woman who fled Nigeria after her father sold her in marriage to a polygamous village leader, was granted asylum by the San Francisco Asylum Office early this year. Human Rights USA served as co-counsel in the case, and prepared briefs demonstrating her eligibility for asylum.

This substantial legal victory laid a foundation for Human Rights USA's continued efforts over the past calendar year to secure asylum and refugee protection for women and girls fleeing forced marriage and other forms of sexual slavery including sex trafficking. We are involved in forced marriage and trafficking cases pending at all levels of the federal court system, and continue working to identify new test cases on these issues.

Special thanks and congratulations to the attorney-of-record, Miriam Porter, who sought our assistance with this case. Our best wishes go to I-E-, who according to Ms. Porter hopes to work as an advocate for other women facing gender-based violence when she completes her education.