Monday, February 15, 2010

REFLECTION: The Civil Judgment against Taylor Jr. - What does it mean?

On February 5, 2010, while preparing for what has been called the "snowpocalypse" here in Washington, DC, we at Human Rights USA learned that the Court in our civil case against Charles Taylor, Jr. ("Taylor Jr.") had awarded a total of $22.4 million in damages to our five clients for the atrocities they endured at the hands of Taylor Jr. and the Anti-Terrorism Unit (ATU) forces under his command. As we shared the exciting news with our clients, colleagues, and the media, we faced the question: "What does this decision mean? What does it mean to the plaintiffs – to the legal community – to potential defendants – and to the world?"

Law students at the University of Pittsburgh invited us to comment on exactly these questions. To read our responses as they appear in the JURIST Hotline section of the school's online journal, click here.

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