Friday, January 29, 2010

Civil Trial of Charles Taylor, Jr.: Closing Arguments

The civil trial of Charles Taylor, Jr. concluded yesterday with closing arguments from the defendant. In his closing, Taylor Jr. discussed the Liberian conflict and maintained that he could not have committed the atrocities with which he has been charged (and, in the criminal case, convicted). He stated, "I do believe some form of abuse took place [during the Liberian war]" but claimed the abuses were "without [his] participation or knowledge." With Taylor Jr.'s statement, the trial on damages in this civil case comes to a close. Thank you to those of you following this case and supporting our work to hold accountable those who violate human rights. Check back at this site for developments in this and other matters.

For media coverage, click here. (Clarification: Troy Elder is a Professor at FIU, not an attorney with Human Rights USA. As local counsel, Professor Elder and students from the FIU clinic also represented the plaintiffs in this case.)

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