Monday, August 24, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Attorney General Holder to Appoint Special Prosecutor

Human Rights USA is pleased to share news that Attorney General Holder has decided to appoint a prosecutor to investigate interrogations that may have violated U.S. obligations not to torture. For more on this story, read the coverage in The Washington Post and The Washington Times.

As we explained earlier this month, the Attorney General should ensure that the scope of the investigation includes senior government officials responsible for directing, approving, or authorizing the use of such techniques. At this time, the focus of the investigation appears to be too narrow to include all individuals responsible for the abuses committed during the last administration. As previously discussed on this blog, failure to fully investigate the abuses could have international repercussions for the United States.

Human Rights USA has closely followed the detainee abuse issue, and has called for accountability, for the past several years. We encourages our readers to check here for additional information over the coming days, weeks, and months. For a more complete take on the Attorney General's decision, please visit our website.

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