Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 20th Screening of Pray the Devil Back to Hell a Huge Success.

Human Rights USA thanks everyone who made the April 20, 2009 screening of “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” a success. We had a wonderful turnout to see this documentary of the courageous Liberian women who brought peace to their war-torn country. Our audience included an impressive mix of NGO workers, government employees, law students, and members of the DC community with varying levels of familiarity with the history and the current situation in Liberia. We are happy to hear from many attendees that the film helped them better understand and appreciate why HRUSA was involved with the criminal prosecution against Chuckie Taylor and has brought a civil case against him as well.

HRUSA would like to thank:

Our panelists, Abigail Disney, the film's producer; Dr. Patricia Morris, Executive Director of Peace x Peace; and Matthew Baechtle, an ICE Special Agent who launched the investigation of Chuckie Taylor, for their insightful discussion of the impact of the film, the array of issues it addresses and the reality facing Liberians as a result of the civil war.

Steptoe & Johnson LLP for its generous support of this event.

Rona Leff and the Letelier Theater for use of their beautiful theater and reception space.

Chef Emilie Stein of Cafe 1612, Hello Cupcake, and Sumah's West African Restaurant for catering the reception.

Volunteers Robbie Kleekpo and Jonathan Henriques who most generously volunteered their time in making this event possible.

Update 07/21/09: for photos of the event, please see our Facebook album on our Fan Page.

Update 07/28/09: here is the trailer for this powerful movie:

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  1. I recently saw an excellent documentary I just have to write about. It's called Pray the Devil Back to Hell. It is a remarkable story of a group of visionary women who demanded peace for Liberia while the country was being torn apart by civil war. The incredible perseverance, hope, and commitment to peace and justice by this grassroots movement changed the nation .quite interesting movie....I download Pray the Devil Back to Hell movie last week